Established in the 1960's, we have
always worked in the belief that, for
most people, buying a sofa, chair or
sofa bed is not only an infrequent
event, but is an investment. Not only
must the furniture last, but it should
be exactly 'right' for the room in size,
style and colour, as well as being
comfortable for the family that use it.
Our furniture is, therefore, individually
built for each customer to ensure that,
as far as possible, this is achieved.


We combine this with an extremely personal service which includes a Colour
Advisory Service that helps each
customer find exactly the fabric they
are seeking (we deal with most of the
major fabric houses). By sending
you samples of the fabrics you are
considering – you can see them in situ
before making a final decision. This
service is free to our customers – there
is a small charge for non-customers.

Why not phone to discuss your requirements? In response to the details you are able to give us, and the sofas in which you are interested, we will arrange for some appropriate fabrics to be sent to you.



Over the last 40 years we have had the
pleasure of seeing the business grow
not only with new customers, but also
having many former customers return
as their needs have changed. We even
have some second generation
customers! In the corporate sector we
have been priveleged to provide
furniture for organisations such as the
the National Trust, English Heritage,
the Vivat Trust, De Vere Hotel Group

and BBC Television.


Our staff would be delighted to help you
with any query you might have. If you would like any further information please do not
hesitate to let us know.

Thank you for visiting